Miracle Cleaning has a variety of extra services to help you in your home. We can change linens on your beds, clean out your stove and take care of organizing and cleaning your refrigerator and freezer. Simply mention that you need these extra services when you call or Email us.

Change Bed Linens
Our normal service includes the changing of one bed. Any additional linen changes cost $5.00 per bed. Simply let us know how many beds you need changed and leave the proper linens out on each bed. Old linens are placed in the laundry room.

Old linens removed & changed
Pillow case linens removed & changed
Old linens placed in laundry area

Oven Cleaning
Your oven can get very dirty over time. Miracle Cleaning can make your oven look like new. Our inside oven cleaning runs $35.00. Simply let us know that you would like to include this extra service in your cleaning and we will gladly take care of it for you.

Inside of oven scrubbed
Oven racks cleaned
Side, bottom & rear cleaned
Front door and door sides cleaned
Window on oven door cleaned
Ten foil placed on bottom to catch spills

Refrigerator Cleaning
Many of us don't have time to organize and clean our refrigerator. This results in spills on shelves and in drawers. Also the refrigerator can become even more of a mess with children around. Let Miracle Cleaning organize and clean your refrigerator. We charge $35.00 for our basic cleaning and $50.00 for our advance cleaning which includes shelf liners that catch spills.

Remove and organize products
Clean spills from shelves and drawers
Move shelves if needed for extra room
Throw away old products
Place shelf liners to catch spills

Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning
Miracle Cleaning won awards in 2006 for being one of the best carpet cleaning companies in the Triangle area. Our carpet cleaning system will leave your carpet 100% dry and it's totally baby & pet safe. Unlike steam cleaning we use safe and organic cleaning products in your home. Our system also helps reduce allergies in your home which can cause sickness, sore throats, etc. Let Miracle Cleaning come in and clean your carpet every 6 months. Simply click here for a free estimate.

Floors vacuumed
Spots treated
Animal stains treated
Eliminate urine smells
Use 100% dry cleaning system
Move any heavy furniture
100% satisfaction guarantee