Upholstery Cleaning Raleigh

Miracle Cleaning cleans any type of upholstery in your home. We handle couches, love seats, dining room chairs, recliners, etc. We specialize in delicate fabric and fibers. 90% of upholstery furnitures have cleaning labels that states "Dry Cleaning Only" or "No Water or Detergents". Miracle Cleaning will not cause shrinkage, bleeding or running of your upholstery and your furniture will look as good as new.

Frequent deep cleaning of your upholstery will ensure longer life of your favorite furniture, by removing dirt and oils that can eventually break down the fibers in upholstery. Upholstery has a variety of fabric types and we can clean them all, from simple to delicate fabrics. We treat every piece of furniture in your home to make it look just like new.

Our process of upholstery cleaning begins by pulverizing trapped dirt, dissolving stains, deep cleaning down to the foam padding and removing dust mites and allergens to restore the fabric its original shape. With appropriate care, your upholstered living room, dining room and bedroom furniture can be used for many years.