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OUR PROCESS: The Miracle Carpet Cleaning Process

Our carpet cleaning process is a unique organic based formula that is both baby & pet safe. This product was developed over 20 years ago and uses a low-moisture method to clean your carpets. Our carpet cleaning technician is trained and has experience to remove just about any stain. If we can't remove a stain we can replace the carpet or repair it for you. We have a way to fix any type of carpet problem you might be having. Use the best carpet cleaners in Raleigh and call us today (919)291-2627.
1) Meet & Inspection
Our carpet cleaning technician will walk over the carpet with you so that you can explain your problem areas. Then he will answer any questions you have and suggest different services to fix your situation. Don't worry about bad smells, horrible stains, pet problems, etc we have seen it all and can fix any problem your having.

2) Spots Pre Treated
Once your happy we will start the cleaning process and clean your carpet. Our carpet cleaner is sprayed over one section at a time. Extra dirty spots in the room are pre treated with larger amounts of a different cleaner.

3) Cleaner Worked into Carpet
The carpet cleaner is then worked into the carpet with our rotating brush. The cleaner will attach itself to the dirt and surround it. Our rotating cleaning brushes fluff your carpet making it look new and feel super soft. This process and our rotating brushes are recommended by carpet manufacturers. We do not over wet your carpet like steam cleaning which can result in mold growth and increased allergy problems.

5) Carpet Vacuumed
The carpet cleaning product is then vacuumed up using our commercial grade vacuum. Your carpet comes out looking brand new. Our process will disinfect, deodorize and protect your carpet all in one process.

6) Edge Carpet & Stairs
The edges of the carpet and stairs are vacuumed using an edger to pick up any remaining cleaning product. We then walk the entire area cleaned (which is now almost dry) and double check everything with you to make sure your happy.