Carpet Cleaning Raleigh by Miracle Cleaning
Our carpet cleaning method is safe for any type of carpet & upholstery. We use only organic products that are baby & pet safe. Demand the best - Miracle Cleaning!
Introducing the Miracle Carpet Cleaning System - Miracle Carpet Cleaning in Raleigh NC uses an exclusive anti-soil formula. Our product not only cleans and absorbs the dirt and grime in your carpet it also leaves and added layer of carpet protection that lasts for months. This extra layer of protection helps against resoiling, spills & spots. Our product will remove sticky, destructive, hard-to-clean dirt which sticks to the fibers.

We use a state of the art process to clean your carpet just like new. Our carpet cleaning in Raleigh quote includes deodorizing, sanitizing, soil repelling protection and general spot removal. Our product is also organic, green clean, baby & pet safe and will reduce airborne allergies in your home. Carpet cleaning is safe and effective for all types of carpeting and endorsed by major carpet manufacturers around the world.

We offer commercial cleaning & residential cleaning services in Raleigh NC and surrounding areas.

Miracle Cleaning System improves your air quality.
Independent testing confirms that our carpet cleaning method effectively reduces allergens in your home. Our carpet cleaning product removes bacteria, mite feces, pet dander and mold spores. Miracle Carpet Cleaning makes an active contribution to your health and is particulary suitable for people with allergies. Our process reduces the following:

  • Dust mites by 88%
  • Dust-mite allergens by 89%
  • Mold spores by 92%
  • Pet allergens by 90%

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