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Carpet Cleaning Raleigh
Miracle Cleaning is proud to introduce our carpet cleaning system. We use a state of the art process to get your carpet as clean as possbile and like new. Our carpet cleaning quote includes deodorizing, sanitizing, soil repelling protectant and general spot removal. You get everything we offer in one cleaning system. Our product is also organic, green clean, baby & pet safe and will reduce airborne allergies in your home. Your carpet will be almost 100% dry when we leave and it will look better than it's ever looked before. Carpet cleaning is safe and effective for all types of carpeting and endorsed by major carpet manufacturers around the world.

Pet Odor & Stain Removal
If your pet has accidents inside the house we can help. Miracle Cleaning specializes in removing pet odors and stains caused from urine, cat spray, vomit, blood & fecis. These different contaminates can cause bacteria build up and horrible odors inside the house. Miracle Cleaning can eliminate this bacteria and smell from your home with our dry process. We also offer warranty service so if the odor or stains come back, so do we.

Upholstery Dry Cleaning
Miracle Cleaning can clean any type of upholstery in your home. We handle couches, love seats, dinning room chairs, recliners, etc. We specialize in delicate fabric and fibers. 90% of upholstered furniture has cleaning labels that states "Dry Cleaning Only" or "No Water or Detergents". Miracle Cleaning will not cause shrinkage, bleeding or running of your upholstery and your furniture will look as good as new.

Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning
Miracle Cleaning can clean & restore your area rugs to their original new look. We can clean any type of area rug and fabric you have in your home. Our system will not harm or damage and we charge half the price of other companies who pick them up and keep them for weeks on end. All of our area rug cleaning is on site at your home and can be done the same day.

Mattress Dry Cleaning & Sanitizing
We shed 10,000 million scales of bacteria laden skin each day, most end up in our mattresses. 95% of home owners have never cleaned their mattress, yet you spend 8 hours or more sleeping on it every night. Dust mites live and breed on your mattress and over a period of one year the weight of your mattress can increase from the dust mitesr. 200 million dust mites will live on a new mattress after only 4 months. Miracle Cleaning can provide mattress cleaning for every mattress in your home and we offer discounts for these services. Your mattress should be cleaned every 6 months with our system to insure you a great night sleep free of harmful allergens and dust mites.