We specialize in safe, dry carpet cleaning in Raleigh, NC. We feel that clean carpet isn't just for appearance, it's also for health. That is why the cleaner we use is completely safe and all natural. Most of the solutions commonly used by carpet cleaners depend heavily on dangerous chemicals such as butyl solvents. They must use heavy fragrances to mask the strong chemical odor created by their products. Our cleaner by comparison has a light organic scent, leaves no residue and is completely safe both for you and the environment; it's even proven to reduce allergens. To top it off, our carpet cleaning process leaves carpets 100% dry. Perfect for allergy sufferers or anyone concerned about the health of their family. Our cleaner is so safe that it won't harm your baby or pets.

Reduce Allergies
Miracle Cleaning of Raleigh uses Kobosan to dry clean your carpet, furniture, mattress, etc. Our cleaning compound will help to reduce airborne allergies in your home so you and your family can breathe better.

Because our product produces no moisture (like steam cleaners) you won't have to worry about wet or damp carpet producing harmful mold and mildew which can make you sick. Our product is 100% dry and will create a better living environment inside your home.

    • Reduce dust mites by 78%
    • Reduce dust-mite allergens by 75%
    • Reduce mold spores by 85%
    • Reduce dog & cat allergens by 85%